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Welcome to The Montessori Learning House Bilingual School

The Montessori Learning House Bilingual School offers a curriculum
and programs that are thoughtfully designed to promote a strong academic foundation for your child. Our curriculum follows Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory and Maria Montessori Philosophy.

We also offer activities that promote a child’s emotional and social development, independence, decision-making skills, and self-motivation. As a multicultural
school, we don’t just introduce your child to different
activities, but we also expose them to different cultures
to help expand their understanding of the world.
If you have any questions about our institution,
please feel free to give us a call at 469-288-3138.

The Montessori Learning House Bilingual School ofrece un plan de estudios
y los programas que han sido cuidadosamente diseñadas para promover una sólida base académica para su hijo. Nuestro plan de estudios sigue Teoría desarrollo cognitivo de Piaget y Maria Montessori Filosofía.

También ofrecemos actividades que promueven el desarrollo de un niño emocional y social, la independencia, habilidades de toma de decisiones, y la auto-motivación. Como multicultural
escuela, no nos limitamos a introducir a su hijo a diferentes
actividades, pero también los exponen a diferentes culturas
para ayudar a ampliar su comprensión del mundo.
Si usted tiene alguna pregunta sobre nuestra institución,
no dude en darnos una llamada al 469-288-3138 .

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Our mission at Montessori Learning House Bilingual School is to provide your child with programs and activities that address their emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development and growth.

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