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8 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Veronica

    Our 4 and 5 year old children attend and enjoy every day! ! Our 5 year old has special needs and Mrs. Alzate has been great working with her on reaching goals set by therapists. She not only helps with those but set some goals bad on her abilities. We are very happy here and know or children are growing and benefiting by her system/methods.

  2. Pla Chung

    My kids learn so much from The Montessori Learning House. Not only they learn academically, they also learn about social skills, learn to be independent, and they also learn through playing. Miss Elizabeth is dedicated and is passionate about teaching. They always have fun projects going on. I would recommend this school to other parents.

  3. Becky

    We’ve sent our 3 year old to this school full time for a little over a year and I could not be more happy with it. They truly care about my child and it shows, plus she loves going and usually isn’t wanting to leave when I arrive. The activities are engaging, educational, and frequently changing. My daughter comes home with new songs & stories often and I love getting daily reports of how well she ate & napped. She’s always been a bit of a free spirit and not the best listener, but she respects the the caregivers here and understands that she’s expected to behave or will sit in “resting time” for a bit. They’re wonderful with her- loving but consistent. I highly, highly recommend this school.

  4. Kim Puente

    I thank god for having found this montessori bilingual minutes away from my house. Mrs Elizabeth does an excellent job with his assistant. My daughter is very happy and surprises us every day with everything you learn.

  5. Joanna and Corey W.

    Elizabeth gave our son an incredible start to towards his schooling. We had started my son with a different child care provider when he was 1 ½ years old. As parents we realized, in addition to caring for our son while we were at work, we wanted someone to be able to educate him and help him transition into Kindergarten when it is time. Thank goodness we found Elizabeth! At two years old, I immediately notice a difference with his development in just a few months being with her. He was able to put words together and identify objects on his own. She really works hard at making sure that he and the other children succeed on their development and motor skills. I have seen times when she worked with the children how much patience she has in making sure that the children are grasping the concept of the lessons. Our son at times can be a handful, however she is great at correcting his behavior and making sure he understand what he did wrong.

  6. Shanna M.

    I have been extremely blessed to have found a location where I never am concerned about the safety or well-being of my babies. Mrs. Elizabeth Alzate, the owner and teacher at the Montessori Learning House, opened her doors to us when we were looking for childcare, but she truly opened her doors and brought us into her family. Mrs. Alzate and her team have provided nothing but exemplary care for my kids. Everything they do, they do well.

  7. Jaime L.

    Before we chose to put our daughters in the school we meet and toured and observed the school and the classroom twice before our daughters started. From the moment I meet Ms. Elizabeth, I knew this lady truly loved what she does and really wants to know the history of each student, the expectations of every parent, and truly wants a personal educational relationship with each of her students. I mean I’ve always thought it takes a very special person to teach children, but I have never seen a teacher that loves teaching like Ms. Elizabeth does. She goes above and beyond for her students and the families of her students. Ms. Elizabeth loves every aspect of her career, she has made so many sacrifices for her school, her students, and truly loves teaching, loves her students, and loves her school!

  8. themontessori

    We LOVE it here. Our daughter has learned so much. I am bilingual but my husband is not so it is hard to teach her Spanish. She is picking it up so fast now and she loves all of friends and teachers at the school.

    – Marilu Fleming


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